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Traumatic Brain Injury Services

Traumatic Brain Injury services are currently provided throughout the state of Pennsylvania and include the following programs:

Brain Injury Services

ReMed has provided rehabilitation and supported living services for people with brain injury since 1984. Focusing on lasting outcomes and a fuller life for the individual’s served, the treatment team works closely with the individual, their family, the funder and other providers.

Short-Term Rehabilitation

ReMed's Short Term Rehabilitation Services provides a highly specialized staffing milleu. The goal of the program is to identify and address issues so that the individual can move on to a more independent or semi-independent living environment. A Transitional Apartment program is also available for clients who require a program that will identify and address necessary community re-entry skills.

Neurobehavioral Services

ReMed's Neurobehavioral Services are designed for individuals who require an intensive neurobehavioral environment. The program provides a highly specialized therapeutic milieu. All staff are Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Certified and trained in behavioral management techniques, neurocognitive interventions, data collection and advanced rehabilitation skills. While the goal of these services is to identify and address the cause of behavioral issues so that the individual can move on to a less intensive environment, these services are also available for individuals who require this level of service on a long term basis. Long Term Behavioral Program is provided in group home settings which are intensively staffed and structured for individuals who demonstrate problematic behaviors of a low frequency and which are low to moderate in intensity. Treatment focuses on the utilization of compensatory strategies to manage these behaviors and increase awareness as well as develop a stable activity pattern.

Aging, Medical and Long-Term Services

ReMed's Aging, Medical and Long Term Services provide a continuum of long term, residential rehabilitation and supported living environments. Medically Based Supported Living is provided in group home settings with an intensive, structured milieu for individuals who require a high level of support and assistance. Staff members are skilled in rehabilitation and medical treatments for issues such as transfers, pulmonary aids, bowel and bladder routines, medication administration. Community Residential Services are provided in houses and apartments throughout the community. Individuals live in structured, semi-independent environments that offer varying levels of support on a 24-hour basis. Levels of assistance are modified as the clients abilities improve, or in some cases decompensate.

Outpatient, Home and Community Based Services

ReMed provides services to individuals in our clinic sites as well as at their homes, in their communities, in their places of employment and schools, and in ReMed’s outpatient clinic sites. Outpatient services range from single service therapy to comprehensive treatment. Home and Community Based Services are provided as a standalone or alongside post acute treatment. These services are designed to assist in the transition and generalization of skill from semi-independent to independent living. Home and Community Based services can also be provided to individuals who, over the long term, want to stay in their homes. Services are provided based upon the individual’s level of functioning as well as the available supports they may have from their family and community.

ReMed Service Offerings

The following services are available for individuals who are admitted to any of ReMed’s programs, either as part of their treatment plan or on an as needed basis:

Behavioral Services | Day Treatment & Independent Living Services
Employment Services | Residential Services | Traumatic Brain Injury Services