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Day Treatment & Independent Living Services

Developmental Disability Agencies

As a certified Developmental Disability Agency, we offer Developmental Therapy and Adult Day Services to adults and children throughout the State of Idaho. These individually-tailored programs provide both community and center-based services to children and adults with an emphasis on skill acquisition. We maintain ongoing communication with family, teachers, and providers as a key tool for measurement to ensure we are seeing progress.

Our DDA services include: Adult Day Services, Developmental Therapy, Habilitative Intervention, various after school and summer camp programs for youth. DDA services are currently offered throughout five cities throughout the state of Idaho.

Non-24 Hours Program

This community-based program is designed on individual need. Hours are determined by what support systems are needed individually. Services include a wide range of supervisions including: home maintenance, cleaning, financial assistance, grocery shopping and nutritional guidance, medication monitoring, as well as attending and setting up medical appointments. Community integration is important in this service line. We specialize in supporting individuals to be as independently successful in their own lives as they can be.

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