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Behavioral Services

Behavioral services are currently provided throughout the state of Washington and include the following programs:

Behavioral Therapy/Consultation

Services include building skills and managing behavior through the use of a variety of evidence-based practices. Individual services are tailored to the needs and strengths of the child/adult and their families. Our teams work closely with other providers in the person’s life including their schools, health care professionals, and other therapists. Specific techniques include but are not limited to Applied Behavioral Analysis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Positive Behavioral Support. Services include: Behavioral Consultations, one-on-one Behavior Therapy, Behavior Modification, Family Support and Training, Skill Development, IEP support services, on the job support, Training for community professionals, and access to a network of providers within the community to meet the unique needs of each child/adult and their family.

Family Education

Our professionals focus on providing hands-on training to all family members on the interventions and techniques that prove to be successful in supporting a child or adult in their life. Training can occur through a variety of modalities such as classroom instruction, in the moment feedback, role playing, group/team training meetings and progressive development of skills. Each family's unique values, goals and personal preferences will always be incorporated into the training approach. The professionals from our organization strive for each family member to feel successful with each intervention strategy or method of support. Increasing a family's own skill set and knowledge base is a key to success for all team members involved.

Professional Development

The professionals within our organization are available to provide trainings for community organizations such as schools, human service groups, advocacy support groups or any other members of the community. We are able to provide training on Positive Behavior Support, Applied Behavior Analysis, behavioral intervention strategies, and a variety of other topics as requested. Trainings can be tailored to each program or entity’s unique needs to ensure the material covered will benefit the participants. Trainings utilize each modality of learning where participants are actively engaged throughout the training to increase their mastery of skills and techniques being presented.

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